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From Kintra to Staffa and Rhum
Ben More
Staffa landing

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The Isle of Mull is a unique and stunning island to explore but with 300 miles of coastline, wild hills and mountains, extensive forest and limited choice of roads and tracks you will want to decide on the main focus of interest.  You won't be able to do it all even in just a few days, for many even a lifetime.  If your time is limited then Michael can help you by providing a tour which focuses on the islands unique wildlife and your main areas of interest.

Here are some thoughts to help you.

An island in two halves!

The north half of the island, north of Salen, with wild, relatively low hills, remote coastline exposed to the atlantic ocean, sheltered sea lochs, extensive forests and the beautiful villages of Tobermory and Dervaig.

The south half of the island with its high rugged mountains, sea lochs and the long penisula of the Ross of Mull leading down to the magical island of Iona.

An island of many seasons!

The old adage 'four seasons in one day' can certainly ring true here on Mull but although the seasons do bring a different feel and affect what may be seen, you can be certain that there are always exciting possibilities.  Its that that can make it such a wonderful experience.  You never know what is going to turn up and the changing of the seasons all have their own moods which give a unique beauty whatever time of year. year round it will always be a special place for those who want to see eagles, otters, deer, seals and many other species for whom Mull is a safe haven.

Always, regard less of season the hills, forests and glens will show off their own character thier mood portraying the time of year; the fresh green of spring, the changing colours of summer flowers, shades of brown and purple of autumn, winter with long shadows picking out the contours of the land perhaps tinged with snow.

Spring brings the pleasure of increasing day light hours, warmer conditions, the advent of migrating birds taking advantage of improving weather conditions and fresh plant growth everywhere. 

Summer sees the island covered in many species of wild flower, birds active feeding recently hatched families, around the coast with calmer seas the chance to explore the smaller off islands,

Autumn can be an exciting time with many bird species on the move, wild geese and swans and many other species returning from nesting grounds further north and of course resident on the island eagle numbers swollen as the young birds take to the air.  Calm days filled with the sound of the Red Deer stags on the hills claiming their territories.

Winter sees the young eagles mastering the art of flying and hunting with perhaps as many as 80 birds on the island.  Sea lochs now the sheltering grounds for such species as the Great Northern and Black Throated Divers, Slavonian Grebe and other species of wildfowl.

and there is even more.............

And if Mull itself isn't enough then of course there is the beautiful island of Iona, famous for the Christian settlement founded by St Columba in the 6th century and of course subsequently now the home of the world renowned Iona Community who's home is in the now renovated Iona Abbey.  Explore the ruins of the ancient nunnery, walk across the island to the Bay at the Back of the Ocean or just enjoy lazing on one of the many stunning white shell sand beaches.  There can be few places in the world better.

Whilst here on the 'Ross' take a boat trip out to Staffa or the Treshnish Isles.  There are a variety of boat excursion opportunities all of which will give an experience to savour.  Whether it be sailing on a traditional sailing boat around Iona or taking one of the regular launches out to see the spectacular geology of the basalt columns on Staffa and Fingal's Cave.  Go in the late spring/summer and the added bonus of Puffins will delight everyone.

Happy to explore further afield then, why not take the small boat to Ulva and enjoy an 'away from 't all' walk along one of the many marked trails.  For those wanting to see the picturesque community of Tobermory, our main 'town' then you could increase your chances of seeing some of the marine mammals that frequent our coast.  Dolphin, porpoise, minke whale, orca and basking shark are all possible.